A Commitment to Quality….

Analytical Laboratories, Inc. offers the largest variety of scientific sampling and testing services of any private laboratory in Idaho. We serve Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.  Analytical Laboratories, Inc. performs comprehensive testing for individuals, private groups, commercial establishments, mines, and government organizations.

Analytical Laboratories, Inc. is certified for biological, bacteriological, physical, and chemical (organic and inorganic) analyses in drinking water. Additionally, Analytical Laboratories, Inc. performs testing, consulting, and sampling services for wastewater, soil, food, fertilizer, and petroleum products. Geochemical and radiochemical analyses are provided through associate laboratories.

Analytical Laboratories, Inc. offers the skills of a thirty-five person staff with incomparable knowledge of scientific monitoring, sampling, and testing. All of our analysts have scientific degrees offering more than 100 years of combined testing experience.

At Analytical Laboratories, Inc. we place customer service as our top business priority. Our employees welcome the opportunity to serve your analytical needs and will make every effort to provide professional, accurate service in a cost effective manner.