Laboratory Personnel Rates
    · Clerical 50.00/hr
    · Literature Research 50.00/hr
    · Senior Analyst 105.00/hr
Faxing Fee 5.00 minimum
Field Screen Test Kits
    · Hydrogen Sulfide Quote
    · Pesticide Residue (Immuno-assay) Quote
    · Total and Residue chlorine Quote
Portable Field & Sampling Equipment
    · Battery Powered 120v composite               samplers 50.00 first day, Quote/additional day
       (3,4,5 gallon volumes discrete sampling, timed or flow proportional)
    · Conductivity (specific conductance) 10.00/day
    · Dissolved Oxygen Meter 10.00/day
    · Field sample filtering Quote
    · pH Meter with Temperature Recorder 25.00/day
    · Portable Electric Well Pump, 12v, 2″ 15.00/day
    · Portable Well Head Level Bailers, 2″ 10.00/day
    · Thermometer (Direct Read or Digital) 7.00/day
Portable Flow Recorders
    · Manning Ultrasonic 35.00 first day, 7.50/additional day
Sampling & Calibration Services
    · Portal to Portal 105.00/hr
    · Vehicle Mileage 0.50/mile
    · Thermometer Calibration 25.00