Analysis Price Method
Algae 30.00 Microscopic
Ash 25.00 ASTM D-482
Bacteria 15.00 Microscopic
Cetane Number in Diesel Fuel 35.00 ASTM D-976
Cleveland Open Cup Flash & Fire Point 35.00 ASTM D-92
Cloud Point in Diesel Fuel 30.00 ASTM D2500
Color 11.00 ASTM D-156
Density 17.00 ASTM D1298
Distillation 40.00 ASTM D-86
Flash Point (Tag) 35.00 ASTM D-56
Freezing Point 35.00 ASTM D2386
Gravity (API) 15.00 ASTM D1298
Moisture (Karl Fischer) 50.00 ASTM D1744
Particulate 25.00 ASTM D2276
Prist in Jet Fuel 18.00 PFA 55MB
Reed Vapor Pressure in Gasoline 42.00 ASTM D5191
Total Metals Available by Ashing and Digestion Quote Variable
Water Sediment 12.00 ASTM D709
WSIM in Jet Fuel 90.00 ASTM D3948
Group Prices    
Diesel Fuel Series: 85.00 Various ASTM
       Distillation, Flashpoint, Cetane, Cloud Point,
       Water & Sediment, Algae, API Gravity
Jet A Series: 195.00 Various ASTM
       Color, Distillation, Flash Point
       Freezing Point, Gravity (API), WSIM
Sample Containers and Volumes    
Gasoline & Diesel Fuels = 1L metal or glass  
Jet Fuel (for Jet A Series) = 1 Gal approved metal carrier
Oils = 200 mL plastic or glass