Welcome to the Organics Department. We specialize in the analysis of both volatile and semi-volatile compounds. Our lab is set-up to perform testing on a variety of sample matrices (i.e., water, soil, mystery substance in your basement).  ALI organics is fully certified in drinking water analysis (see test list below). We also do QA/QC work and research projects. 

Department Head:

Christi Young – Organics Supervisor organics@analyticallaboratories.com 

Organics Staff:

Christopher Gillies – Chemist / Analyst organics@analyticallaboratories.com

Todd Potter – Glassware Prep / Organics Support Chemist organics@analyticallaboratories.com

Test Methods for Organics:

 Drinking Water

EPA 502.1
EPA 502.2
EPA 504.1
EPA 506
EPA 508.1

EPA 515.1
EPA 515.3 
EPA 524.2
EPA 531.1
EPA 547

EPA 548.1
EPA 549.2
EPA 550.1
SM 6251 B

EPA 601
EPA 602

EPA 608
EPA 614-M

EPA 615
EPA 625

EPA 418.1
EPA 8011
EPA 8015-G
EPA 8015-D

EPA 8015-Mod
EPA 8021
EPA 8081
EPA 8082

EPA 8141-Mod
EPA 8151
EPA 8260B
EPA 8270C